+2 intermediate with Arts or IA is the 12th level course; one can join this course after the successful completion of 10th or Matriculation.

In the Intermediate of Arts course, you are given basic knowledge of the art subject. There are many subjects inside it, from which you can choose your topic according to your interests.

After doing intermediate arts, you become eligible for many jobs and Higher education courses. So you can say that this course is the starting course of your career in the field of arts. Students whose interests fall under arts and literature such as language subjects are in Hindi, English, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Home Science, etc, should join this course.

After this course, you can choose your favourite subject from the option of many available subjects, and take your career to a good height.


 One Compulsory Core Language: (100 Marks):(Choose any One)

  • I. Hindi(100 Marks)
  • II. English(100 Marks)
  • III. Hindi B(50 Marks)&Mother Tongue(50 Marks)
  • IV. Alternative English & Mother Tongue(50 Marks)
  •  One Compulsory Elective Language:(100 Marks):(Choose any One)

  • I. Hindi
  • II. English
  • III. Urdu
  • IV. Sanskrit
  • V. Kurukh
  • VI. Kurmali
  • VII. Nagpuri
  • VIII. Mundari
  •  Optional Subjects(300 Marks):(Choose any Three)

  • I. Economics
  • II. Philosophy
  • III. Geography
  • IV. Political Science
  • V. History
  • VI. Psychology
  • VII. Home Science(Only for Girls)
  • VIII. Sociology
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